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Mentors and Regional Facilitators
Name Region Skills Interests
Aaron Jezghani Campus Champions
Bala Desinghu CAREERS
Kevin Brandt Campus Champions, Great Plains
Brian Haymore RMACC, Campus Champions
Chuck Pavloski Campus Champions, CAREERS
Charles Forsyth Campus Champions
Christopher Bl… Campus Champions
Cody Stevens Campus Champions
Cesar Sul ACCESS CSSN, Campus Champions
Balamurugan Desinghu ACCESS CSSN, Campus Champions, CAREERS, Northeast
diana Trotman CAREERS
Daniel Howard RMACC, Campus Champions, ACCESS CSSN
Diana Toups Dugas RMACC, SWEETER, Campus Champions
Edwin Posada Campus Champions
Jeff Falgout Campus Champions, RMACC
Jordan Hayes Campus Champions
Jason Wells Campus Champions
Jeffrey Weekley Campus Champions
Jason Yalim Campus Champions
Jacob Fosso Tande Campus Champions
Katia Bulekova ACCESS CSSN, Campus Champions, CAREERS, Northeast
Keri Toksu Northeast, Campus Champions
Kyle Hutson Campus Champions
Thomas Langford Campus Champions, CAREERS
Mike Hutcheson Campus Champions
Lisa Perez SWEETER
Nick Dusek Campus Champions
Jeffrey J. Nuc… CAREERS
Justin Oelgoetz Campus Champions
Mahmoud Parvizi Campus Champions
Mike Renfro Campus Champions
Russell Hofmann ACCESS CSSN
Ron Rahaman Campus Champions
Sean Anderson Campus Champions
Swabir Silayi Campus Champions
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CI Links

Title Category Tags Skill Level
ACCESS HPC Workshop Series Learning big-data, deep-learning, machine-learning, neural-networks, tensorflow, gpu, technical-training-for-hpc, training, openmpi, c, c++, fortran, openmp, programming, mpi, spark Beginner, Intermediate
Bioinformatics Workflow Management with Nextflow Docs cloud-computing, parallelization, data-management, bioinformatics, technical-training-for-hpc Beginner, Intermediate
Data Analysis with R for Educators Video data-analysis, data-science, psychology, biology, technical-training-for-hpc, training, workforce-development, r Beginner
DeapSECURE – Data-Enabled Advanced Computational Training Platform for Cybersecurity Research and Education Learning ai, visualization, big-data, data-analysis, deep-learning, machine-learning, neural-networks, jekyll, batch-jobs, slurm, bash, ssh, technical-training-for-hpc, training, workforce-development, python, scikit-learn, cybersecurity Beginner
Developer Stories Podcast Website community-outreach, professional-development, technical-training-for-hpc, training, workforce-development Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
Displaying Scientific Data with Tableau Video big-data, data-analysis, technical-training-for-hpc, training, workforce-development Intermediate
GPU Computing Workshop Series for the Earth Science Community Learning optimization, performance-tuning, profiling, parallelization, github, pytorch, tensorflow, oceanography, gpu, hpc-arch-and-perf, PROFESSIONAL and WORKFORCE DEVELOPMENT, technical-training-for-hpc, PROGRAMMING LANGUAGES FRAMEWORKS AND IDEs, c, c++, fortran, cuda, jupyterhub, programming, programming-best-practices, python Beginner
HPCwire Website documentation, bioinformatics, pytorch, data-science, hpc-operations, technical-training-for-hpc, programming, programming-best-practices, python Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
NCSA HPC Training Moodle Learning performance-tuning, profiling, parallelization, lustre, technical-training-for-hpc, training, workforce-development, openmp, python, mpi, cybersecurity Beginner, Intermediate
NCSA HPC-Moodle Learning technical-training-for-hpc, training, workforce-development Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
NERSC Training and Tutorials Learning technical-training-for-hpc, training Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
Oakridge Leadership Computing Facility (OLCF) Training Events and Archive Learning technical-training-for-hpc, training Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
Python Tools for Data Science Video ai, big-data, data-analysis, machine-learning, data-wrangling, data-science, technical-training-for-hpc, training, workforce-development, python, scikit-learn, sql Intermediate
Using Dask on HPC Systems Learning technical-training-for-hpc, jupyterhub, python Beginner, Intermediate
WRF in the Public Cloud Video aws, azure, cloud-commercial, cloud-computing, cloud-open-source, cloud-storage, gce, benchmarking, scaling, s3, storage, distributed-computing, nfs, provisioning, technical-training-for-hpc, training, workforce-development, openmpi, compiling, fortran, mpi, containers, docker, kubernetes Advanced
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