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About CCMNet

CCMNet mentorship program for professional growth and collaboration

The idea of CCMNet was presented to the National Science Foundation (NSF) because we believe in the power of mentorship for professional growth, knowledge sharing, and developing cyberinfrastructure professionals (CIP) who support the advancement of science and discovery. NSF shares our goal of empowering and fostering the CIP workforce through mentorship.

Advances in cyberinfrastructure and the torrent of data available to researchers have enabled many ground-breaking scientific and technical breakthroughs. Still, CIPs—critical to ensuring the acceleration of science by utilizing cyberinfrastructure—are in short supply. A strong, robust, and collaborative mentor network is essential to sustaining and advancing the CIP workforce. CCMNet enables CIPs to keep up with the ever-changing technical and research landscape by sharing information, imparting best practices, and communicating lessons learned. The program is intended to offer CIPs an opportunity to further their career development, learn about unfamiliar topics, cultivate mentorship and collaborative problem-solving skills, and be a part of a network of like-minded peers.


I am privileged to be the lead principal investigator for the National Science Foundation (NSF) award OAC 2227656, RCN:CIP: A Cyberinfrastructure Community Mentorship Network (CCMNet) for the Advancement of Science and Engineering Research and Education. As a member of the CCMNet leadership team, I take great pleasure in extending a warm welcome to you!

CCMNet connects cyberinfrastructure professionals (CIPs) through peer mentoring to support research and educational programs reliant on robust cyberinfrastructure. We value mentorship for professional development, community knowledge sharing, diversity, and inclusion. As we shape this program, we welcome feedback and encourage questions.

We hope you will join us and become an inaugural member of the CCM Network!

Kevin Brandt photo

Kevin Brandt
Assistant Vice President for Research Cyberinfrastructure
South Dakota State University

CCMNet Leadership Team

Torey Battelle, Arizona State University
Kevin Brandt, South Dakota State University
Marisa Brazil, Arizona State University
Laura Christopherson, RENCI
Vikram Gazula, University of Kentucky
Julie Ma, MGHPCC

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