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User Guide

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Welcome to the Cyberteam Portal Users Guide! 

This portal is part of a family of websites connected by a common infrastructure known as Connect.Cyberinfrastructure ( If you are a student interested in learning about research computing facilitation, a cyberinfrastructure professional willing to mentor, or researcher/educator seeking assistance with a project, register on the portal to connect to the community. The Cyberteam Portal is where you can create a project, join an ongoing initiative, and explore the Cyberteam resources.

Each of the portals that are connected by CNCT.CI represents a program that is serving a segment of the research computing and data community. The portal was originally developed to support project workflows and self service Knowledge Base Resources for the Northeast Cyberteam. Subsequently, it was expanded to provide support to multiple Cyberteams.

Join a Cyberteam Portal

There are two ways to join a Cyberteam community.

  1. You can create an account by clicking "Join" in the top right hand corner of the page or by clicking the appropriate link under the "Join the Team" icon in the center of the home page. When creating your account, select the account type that best describes your desired role in the Cyberteam (see below for details). Make sure when creating your account to select the "Program" that corresponds with your portal.
  2. You can use cilogon or google credentials to log into the portal. This will automatically cause an account to be created for you. 

Once you have created your account and logged in, you may update your profile to identify yourself as a student-facilitator, mentor, and/or researcher (see below) and add tags to your profile representing your skills and interests. "Skills tags" identify topics on which you are willing to answer questions and "interest tags" identify topics you are interested in learning more about.

Cyberteam Roles

  • Researcher/Educator - The researcher/educator role denotes our Project Leaders, who submit potential projects to the Portal. If approved by the program steering committee, a student and one or more mentors will then be recruited to complete the project. Projects are typically 3 or 6 months in length. If the project requires computational resources, the program can facilitate access to appropriate resources at one of the anchor institutions. If the project leader already has a mentor and/or student who will complete the project, they can contact us with that information.
  • Student Facilitator - Student facilitators can apply to projects proposed by one of our project leaders, working closely with a mentor to complete the project. Projects are either 3 or 6 months in length and student facilitators will receive stipends, depending on expertise and the length of the project, unless other compensation has been arranged (such as course credit).
  • Mentor - Mentors are volunteers who work closely with a student facilitator and the associated project leader to complete a project. The mentors provide technical expertise, such as programming skills and HPC experience, as well as facilitation expertise to assist the student in handing-off the deliverables to the project leader at the end of the project.

Get Involved

For Researchers/Educators

Submit a Project: After you have logged into your account, browse to the "Projects" page and click the "Add a New Project" button to add your proposed research project.

As with your account, select the appropriate "program" for your project so that it appears in the correct portal.

In addition to the required field denoted with red asterisks, when submitting also provide a Project Image, Tags and at least 3 Milestones, with special attention to an "End" milestone. All other fields can be filled in at a later date with help from your anchor institution leader. If you have any questions about how to fill out the project submission form, feel free to contact us.

Update a Submitted Project: When you are logged in, click on "My Profile" in the top right corner of the page. From the dropdown, select "Project Submissions". On that page, click the "Edit" button to edit a submission.

For Student Facilitators and Mentors

Complete Your Profile: After you have logged into your account, fill out your profile with a short description, select relevant tags and upload a cv/resume (cv/resumes are only visible to other Cyberteam members). When completing your profile, try to include information about your skills and skill levels.  A completed profile is required to be considered for a project.

Join a Project: To find a project to join, browse to the "Projects" page. Review the "Recruiting" projects and if you see a project you would like to join, click the "I'm Interested" link. One of the steering committee managers will then be in contact to follow up, set up an interview and connect you to a project.

Resources and Asking Questions

There is a plethora of resources available through the Cyberteam Portal. Visit our People, Tags, Projects, and Knowledge Base Resources pages to explore the array of opportunities the Cyberteams have to offer.

Interested in joining the conversation and asking questions to your fellow scientists? The Cyberteam Portal connects to the online discussion forum Ask.CI where knowledge from hundreds of computational scientists from a wide range of institutions on a broad range of research disciplines is aggregated. All participants in the Cyberteam are encouraged to contribute to the Learning Resources and Ask.CI. Learning Resources on the Cyberteam Portal and Ask.CI are tagged based on subject matter using a common tagging infrastructure to make it easy to find information at a very granular level.

  • Knowledge Base Resources: Compilation of libraries, workshops, tutorials, examples, and other training materials
  • Get Help from the Help Desk: Submit a ticket through the contact form to the Help Desk and receive a response within one business day.
  • Ask a Question to the Community: Post questions on a community-driven forum at