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Mentors and Regional Facilitators
Name Region Skills Interests
Adrian Del Maestro Northeast
Aaron Jezghani Campus Champions
Anita Orendt Campus Champions, RMACC
Alexander Pacheco
Anita Schwartz Campus Champions
Torey Battelle
Bill Conn Campus Champions, Great Plains
Michael Blackmon Campus Champions
Kevin Brandt Campus Champions, Great Plains
Brian Haymore RMACC, Campus Champions
Carrie Brown Great Plains
Charles Forsyth Campus Champions
Cody Stevens Campus Champions
Derek Strong Campus Champions
Edwin Posada Campus Champions
Gaurav Khanna Campus Champions, CAREERS, Northeast
Yu-Chieh Chi Campus Champions
Jeff Dusenberry Northeast, Campus Champions
Jeff Falgout Campus Champions, RMACC
Jordan Hayes Campus Champions
Jacob Pessin Northeast
Jason Wells Campus Champions
Juan Vanegas Northeast
Katia Bulekova Campus Champions, CAREERS, Northeast, ACCESS CSSN
Keri Toksu Northeast, Campus Champions
Katherine Nelson Campus Champions, CAREERS, ACCESS CSSN
Kenneth Bundy CAREERS
Kyle Hutson Campus Champions
Martin Cuma RMACC
Michael Strickler Campus Champions, CAREERS
Mike Hutcheson Campus Champions
Andrew Monaghan RMACC, Campus Champions
Nick Dusek Campus Champions
Paul Rulis Campus Champions
Rob Harbert Northeast
Ron Rahaman Campus Champions
Sean Anderson Campus Champions
Shawn Doughty Campus Champions, Northeast
Shaohao Chen Northeast
Steven Kuhlo TRECIS
Spencer Pruitt Northeast
Sumit Saluja Campus Champions
Swabir Silayi Campus Champions
Shawn Sivy Campus Champions, CAREERS
Scott Valcourt Northeast, Campus Champions
Timothy Middelkoop Campus Champions, Great Plains, ACCESS CSSN
Wirawan Purwanto Campus Champions, Northeast
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The words Open On Demand Open OnDemand An intuitive, innovative, and interactive interface to remote computing resources Open OnDemand helps computational researchers and students efficiently utilize remote computing resources by making… ondemand, administering-hpc, cluster-management, cluster-support, hpc-operations, batch-jobs, kubernetes

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Title Category Tags Skill Level
AHPCC documentary Documentation login, batch-jobs, slurm, bash, ssh, python, mpi Beginner, Intermediate
Open OnDemand Website batch-jobs, kubernetes, administering-hpc, cluster-management, cluster-support, ondemand, hpc-operations Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, Expert
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